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May the good Lord Lord touch you with his healing hands bubba, all the best your way in being cancer free very soon.
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Thanks everyone for the prayers and well wishes. Quick update. Going through screening for clinical study, Doctor seems to think is our best bet for success!
Have squeezed in a few deer hunts on days I feel good! Still haven’t went fishing yet, but did get the okay from Doctor last week! I miss my Flint River, last two fish I caught at Flat Shoals. Can’t wait to get back at it and fire up the fish cooker! Thanks again God Bless!


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Hello everyone, thanks for the prayers. I’m starting to feel better, it has been rough going this time. Got my pet scan yesterday, bone marrow biopsy Monday, tumor biopsy Tuesday. But I get to go home Wednesday, thank you Lord Jesus!! So if I may ask for prayers that they all come back clean and the car-t cells are doing their job, give the honor and glory to God!!!!
Hope you all had a great season this year. Hug and kiss those love ones. When I get to see mine next Wednesday I’m going to slobber them up good! Thanks again for the prayers!
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Thanks everyone I really appreciate it. I have / had large B-cell double hit lymphoma. Went through chemo a year ago. Was told I was cancer free but needed stem cell transplant to remain so. Three months after stem cell my tumor returned. Decided to go with a new Car-T treatment under clinical study. I said all of this to say. If y’all know anyone going through what I have been. If they want info, or to talk pm me , be happy to help all I can! God bless you all!


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Thank you for the offer to try to help others. That is what makes Woody's a great place. We continue to wish the very best for you. You will remain on a lot of prayer lists.
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I want to thank each and every one of you from my Heart!
I got home yesterday from Emory yesterday afternoon about 4:30. The look on my wife’s face set me back, I knew what was coming. But I got in the floor and played with my little boy, loved on him until he had enough of me !
Time for Lora and I to talk!
The good news is the lower tumor is resolved, thank you Lord Jesus. The bad news is the other tumor is still active! My pet scan shows two small spots and my LDH numbers are headed back up.
We going to do the same CAR-T treatment as before.
Asking for prayers not only for me but my family also!