Prayer request

I went thru a divorce a couple years ago. I dont wanna go into detail but it wasn’t something i wanted. Could yall pray that I move past it.
Prayers sent Brother, I’ve been in your shoes. I never saw it coming, you real get past it just as I did. Focus on being the man God wants you to be, in time it will all be behind you! God Bless!


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Prayers sent. I’ve been there myself and it took a toll on me. Trust in the Lord and he will guide you and you will overcome this and be in a better place. Feel free to PM me if you need to.

Core Lokt

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Lean on Him heavy brother. This has taken many a good men out. It won't be easy but do your best to pray and listen, Not sure if any kids are involved but do your best to not get them in the mix and bad talk their mama to them. This is between you and her.

Prayers for you brother.