Prayers For One of Our Own

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Man, I'm just now seeing this. Sending my best wishes to you Mr. Charlie. Get well soon, big Dawg! ::;

I told him to bypass their firewall and check in on his phone but that may be a struggle for him right now.
If he or anyone with him has Comcast Internet, and can see any of their wireless networks available (xfinitywifi), he may can log into that, instead. He'll need his / their Comcast account info to do so.
Big prayers to one of the finest people I have never met. You're a good man Charlie and Chris and I are praying big for you! :lovey:


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From Charlie-KYDawg-

"Got some good news this morning that my platelets level had risen some. More platelets mean more time The Dr's were surprised they went up and couldn't understand it. I told them that my friends down South were some power prayers. I want all my GON Brothers to know their prayers have gave hope and inspiration. "
Prayers are being sent up for Charlie and his family this morning in hopes of him getting much better and being able to come home and get back to his normal routines. Even though, I have never been able to meet Charlie face to face yet, his kind comments and best wishes to me back during the loss of my Texas girlfriend spoke volumes of his compassion for others. Simply stated, Charlie is the type of friend that you need and surely WANT TO HAVE in your life. I also love the fact that he has never forgotten just where "his roots are" as he loves to come back south to enjoy his friends again. Get Well Soon My Friend.
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Still lifting you up with prayer Charlie.
Wow! I missed this!! As we all know they don’t come any better than Charlie! My house is praying for you my friend and lifting Mrs. Linda and your entire family up!