Predictions ?

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Looks like Team City Slickers II has this one in the bag but theres a lot of teams lining up and trading paint behind them. Maybe even for a pass on the last lap ?
I have SILENT BUT DEADLY 2nd only because I have a feeling they put the corn to em down south and just waiting on a hungry buck to make a mistake ? 3rd could go many ways ? As it stands this is my prediction.

1st Team City Slickers II
3rd Death from above
The Buffalo Soldiers
Backyard Bambi Bombers

There is always a team that breaks hearts near the end. Don't know who that is. I smell an UPGRADE though ? :bounce:
Whats your predictions ????? :pop:


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There is always the Back Stabbers.
That Bi polar team could get in there. They have one player hunting over corn. The other 2 hunt tame raised city deer.
Cor and big bucks usually doesn't coexist. .in daylight anyways. During the rut..maybe, but just because corn is out doesn't mean the deer flock in. Bucks seldom come in and eat. Maybe one day they will legalize it statewide snd everyone can do it and see...its not magic
We still have 3 chances to upgrade. I don't think I have a deer that will out score the one I shot but I know Kris has an upgrade ready to make a fatal mistake and you never know about Alligood!