Premium MO lease...1 member needed

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We had a cancellation and will need 1 full member...

Brand new lease. This will be a seriously managed farm with low members which also includes a
premium price tag. We have a 5 yr option on it.

It's 1144 acres in Callaway county. The farm features anything and everything needed for giants and for holding deer and turkeys. Massive number of pinch points and funnels, hugehardwoods, huge crops, hidden fields, big annual creek/river running thru middle, maybe 10 ponds, big cedar thickets, powerline, very little access for road poachers, very little
pressure around it, a bunch of already established or areas for future food plots.

There is a cabin and huge equipment shed on the farm for year round use and Fulton MO is only 10 miles away with everything an out of stater can ask for.

It has a new landowner (purchased in 2016) that is dedicated to making this whitetail heaven. He has already spent a fortune on putting in a road system, changing old cow pastures to crops, a solid forestry plan to help with undergrowth and many areas planned for hinge cutting and dropping trees to create even more bedding and safe zones. He also has a buffer around his crops so we as hunters will always have access for hunting or scouting even if crops are still in.
This place will only get better because of his commitment!

Gary and I ONLY hunted 190 acres of it this season and for only 20 +\- days. The rest of farm has not been hunted since 2015. We saw a large # of deer and a massive number of turkeys. We passed about a dozen 120-130” 2 and 3 yr old bucks and Gary shot a 5 yr old 135 or so 8. We saw more solid mature bucks but without shots. We def had a blast hunting it and it was a huge success considering we had never seen the place until late October and took down the 190 part that day after walking it for an hour. It felt that good! Before we wrapped up our Live From The Tree last week we scouted and rode the remainder of farm and have agreed on everything with owner.

We are keeping membership at a max of 10 with only 6 of those on the entire lease (3 have access to 500 acres).

Tags are all over counter for a couple hundred bucks and include 2 bucks and 2 fall turkeys. We will ask for a 140 minimum (unless obvious belly dragging roman nosed beast) to help protect what we have.

$4300 for full year round membership.

Message me or Bubbabuck with questions.


Jim Boyd

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Whitetail heaven.

With lodging.

A state that allows rifles.

There is enough here to keep ALL members happy!!!
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Spot has been filled pending dues. Thx to all that showed interest. Have a happy season people!
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