Prepping for Soul Surgery

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Prepping for Soul Surgery
- a timely word from Mike Q Daniel

Pride is the cancer of the soul, making us thoroughly sick, warping our experience of ourselves and all others by their failure or merit in meeting our prideful standard. Every insult, every impatience, every condemning thought, covetous idea, or critical speculation comes from the cancer of pride which thrives on our insecurity and others’ weakness.

Pride metastasizes around our heart and seeds it’s evil intent into our thoughts.

Only the Divine Surgeon of our soul, wielding the scalpel of Truth, can cut it away - showing us our true self, inspiring healthy humility, empowering a Christ dependent walk, and completely freeing us of the deep neediness that breeds contempt as a tool of self-elevation.

Oh God, rid my soul of pride and unveil Your heart in me both for me and for others. Let Your value of me and others engulf any desire for value by merit or devaluing of others; let Your grace quench hubris as a wave crashing upon a dimly lit candle. Let Your preeminence swell within me and overwhelm my self-importance, carrying all others higher and higher on the rising tide of Your love, Your humility, Your sacrifice, Your deep desire and passion for us.

Cure Your children, Father, of the soulish cancer of pride, and make our words and thoughts and actions your instruments to free others from the lying littleness of the enemy’s deceit. Make us the edifiers and uplifters, the encouragers and equippers and empowerers of all those you have elevated beyond their imagining. Our life is well spent in Your grace for those You have given your life for around us today.


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What is the cause that some Christians would believe so differently from other Christians that pride would come out as a problem for them as a visible insecurity and be invisible to those Christians afflicted? Is not His righteousness imparted by the Spirit of Truth to all who believe? Why don't Christians act similarly or with the same motivations even believing and having received newness of life?

On a side note: I was watching humming birds feed in the rain this morning. They don't seem to have any issue with even a single raindrop, but we do, and being shut out of their gardens for it. We have issues--with raindrops and most everything else. Why?
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Gordon, Perhaps the simple answer is each individuals growth?
We all deal with the power of sin daily, do we dare to judge one brother who just came from a horriffic life of drugs and perversions with many current weaknesses with disdain over another with a similar past and having greater victories ?
Or is the janitor singing praises any less a friend to humanity than a mother Theresa?
Pardon, but I'm using extremes (in the eyes of the world) to make a point.

No saint will ever be robbed of the benefit of the living Life of Christ within regardless of their past or present track record.

Maybe it's time to glory in our various weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest upon and within. Cabesch?

P.S. Yep, I'm one weak mess