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Well, I just spent more on a small pistol primer than I ever thought I would in my life! 11 Cents per!

But I got caught short handed. I never believed Biden would be the biggest vote getter evero_O and I misjudged how much I shoot. I had about 7000 but then went fast. I have been able to pick up 4000 paying between 0.6 and 7.5 per primer.
Between my two Thursday night matches and at least two outdoor matches a month I am at about 5-600 a month plus at least two practice sessions that I have really dialed back to about 100-150 rounds each.
But actually using free brass and 124 gr FMJ bullets, my cost is still .22 per round.
You can not find a box of fifty +tax in any store for $11.00 and I am loading good warm accurate ammo.
Still just boggles the mind how high the prices are and the almost $20 Hazmat hurts a lot but I have not been able to find any SP primers locally and none online until yesterday at Brownells.


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Glad you scored.

The best thing about Brownells has been them raising the quantities allowed per order to offset some of the hazmat bite. Fedex is sig required, though. That can be aggravating.


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I hate seeing these prices today. I have been in retail business since back in the early 60's and I have never seen things this bad. I know businesses must make a profit but what we have now is carrying things to far. At what point does it stop? When stuff stops selling, when people stop paying the price. As I see it the only way to bring prices down is for everyone to stop paying these high prices for something we do not have to have to live.