Primitive Success

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Three years ago, I got a hankering to build my own selfbows. I decided that if I was gonna do it, I was gonna do it from scratch. So I cut down a hickory tree, split it into staves, let it season, and started whittling. After a few failures, I figured out how to make shooters. I now have made 9 selfbows out of hickory, pecan and white oak, and have Had 12 kills with them the last 2 seasons.
Last December, I decided to try my hand at knapping flint points and making my own cane arrows. I have now knapped about 75 points, and have made a few dozen cane arrows. After learning to haft the points to the cane shafts, I fletched them with wild turkey feathers and started my journey into primitive bowhunting. This morning, after a 12 yard shot and an 80 yard blood trail, I had my first primitive kill.
The bow is a 55 pound hickory and the point is Texas flint. Thank you lord!

CF5A1198-478A-4056-821F-E7759FCF9D55.jpeg A9E92C62-4F1D-4A6E-903F-E2362A740834.jpeg
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Sounds like you've come to a complete circle. Congratulations on a well earned deer. Hope you have many more. That's a fine looking bow and point there !
Mighty fine!!! Yes sir mighty fine!!
Man thats awesome!


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That's about as good as it gets in my book. Congrats!!!
That is what it's all about right there. I'd take that primitive-killed doe over a Booner any day and twice on Sunday. Much respect.