Pro-Aim H C 800 acres Harris County

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Yes, we drop it last year because we didn't fill club up with members.
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We harvested 2 shooters in the 120s and 3 management bucks and 6 or 7 does.

We just planted 55 fruit and chestnut trees (28 pear,11 crabapples, 3 Japanese persimmons, 10 Chinese chestnuts and 4 Au chestnuts) from the Wildlife Group 0n Feb 5&6.
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hunt club

Are you still looking for members? need 2 memberships. Need a good camp with water and electric to leave my camper year round. Could you email me your rules, maps, aerials, photos, etc.? my email address is
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We harvested 4 bucks this past season.

Please call me for more information. Thanks Shane 404-210-5227


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Just had one spot open up if interested place give me a call.
Thanks Shane 404-210-5227