Pro-Aim H C 800 acres Harris County


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Will you have any opening for 2019-2020? Can you give me an approximate location in Harris county?
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Interested in Joining

Any open spots left , how many members total and where at in Harris County?
Yes, please call me for more information on the club. Thanks Shane 404-210-5227
We have opening for 2020-2021 season. Non-drinking trophy club,dues include year-round access, cabin, utilities, food plots, protein feeders, minerals, tractor and club insurance, $1850/year. 7 members max. Please call Shane @ 404-210-5227 for more information .
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Sir, When is the primary rut on your lease? Thks. JWH
I would say Nov 7-14 but depends on weather,moon phase could maybe be a little off. I have killed several bucks between those dates.
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Just had one spot open up. Give me a call for more information.
Thanks Shane 404-210-5227