Problem with my older dog -seeking advice

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My wife and I rescued this dog 9 years ago. She is a spayed female. She was already spayed when we got her. We believe she is between 10-12 years old but we dont know for sure. We think she must have beagle or foxhound or both. She is definitely a mutt or an underbred purebred.

In the last 3 months she has been progressively drinking more and more water and peeing all the time. She used to NEVER make accidents in the house. I know she doesnt want to but she just drinks so much and has to go.

We had the vet do a urinalysis and blood profile and they couldnt come to any conclusions. Not Cushings or diabetes or UTI or bladder infection either. All they noticed of any concern was elevated protein in her urine. We went on a low protein, kidney health food that seemed promising at first. She only weed in the house once in a week. She has gotten worse since though. She basically cant make it more than 2-5 hours now. It seems to vary. When she was initially getting better she could make it between 6-8 hrs.

We are going back to the vet soon for another blood profile and urinalysis.

What are the options if the vet still cannot find anything? I would think they would know if it was kidney failure. She does not seem uncomfortable and is her same old self other than the frequent drinking and urination. Both my wife and I can sometimes make it home around noon to let her out but not always. I work until noon two days a week so that helps. Its Monday and Wednesday that we need to let her out in the middle of the day.

Doggie diapers? Pee pads? Doggie day care?


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They make a diaper sort of thing that goes on with Velcro. It can be loaded with a feminine pad and it works with some dogs. It is a not so expensive to try that. I would want to keep it on the dog as little as possible and to otherwise try to give her regular outside breaks.


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I had an older Spaniel that needed diapers the last year of her life.
I used a pair of my old suspenders to hold them on and it worked great.
It was well worth the effort to get the extra year with her.


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Did the vet do a parasite panel? Check her stool. (color, contect, dry, hard, well formed,) Does she get dog fool or human food? When she is free roaming, what does she focus on? (a particular plant, place, or object, activity ?) Is her water well water, or city treated water?


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did the vet xray her bladder?....ive owned several beagles that had problems with bladder stones....some were really big....their bladder would fill up quickly and they urinated took care of it....
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We followed up with the vet yesterday and he put her on an estrogen supplement. He does not think it will work but it was cheap and something to try.

He also thinks it may be anxiety related. She used to be a compulsive paw licker. We tried all the usual suspects to waylay that as well. Allergies, food, etc. Nothing worked so we lived with it. Well, she doesnt lick her paws anymore ever since this new drinking/urination problem so there may be a link. Who knows. We are doing the estrogen therapy now. It should reveal something within 2 weeks if it is working.

She has had a urine and stool culture done.
It is city water.
She only gets dog food except when my wife give them a small morsel here and there. (less than a few times per week)
She has taken to trying to eat our pine bark mulch lately when she is out. She also seems to like dirt more this year than any other.

The vet asked all these things already as well.

We asked about an ultrasound or xray of the bladder but the vet did not want to pursue that at this time as that did not expain the excessive water consumption. It is something that will probably happen in the future if she does not get better with anything else.

The general conclusion is that her kidneys are weakening.


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good luck with her, sounds like a sweet dog, share a pic if you like!....


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got beagle for sure, yep, yall are just living in their me how i know!!.... precious!!
If starting to eat dirt and pine bark, maybe some sort of mineral deficiency.
I was thinking diabetes but you say the tests are negative.
May try another vet for a second opinion.
Maybe bladder cancer, just a shot in the dark .

As far as options. pee pads work well, if they will take to them. We would put down a tarp and then 2-3 pads, and wash the tarp if any leaks/run off happened.
Best with her and if yall figure it out let us know.


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Seperation anixiety syndrome. Establish a pattern of giving love, food and water at the same time every day for a while. If possible, prepare an outdoor retreat for her to be in while her people are at work or away. A camera to record her interactions with other animals in the house while you are away, may provide new clues. Make sure she has something, that has your scent strong, to comfort her all day and night.


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The Merck Veternary Manual and the American Kenel club are the better sources for information on dog health and care. The extra attention and care will comfort her, A verternarian is a good choice in managing her diet and health.
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My dog is in heat. We tried the diapers they had at a pet store but they were about worthless. Wife found these on Amazon. Fit well and she actually seems to enjoy wearing them. Wife put a people peepee pad in there too. She’s sporting the rubber duckie pair today ❤️

Pet Magasin Reusable Washable Dog...

When my boy, Monroe, starting having problems I went to sharing my venison (raw ground with no fat added and mixed with raw eggs). He was a different dog in two weeks. Can’t say your results will be the same or similar.