Problem with the Board ?

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I've been getting timeouts with this message a lot lately. I only get it when I try to post.

WYSIWYG editor initialized for Internet Explorer in 0.063 seconds.

Doesn't happen on any other sites.


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It's happened to me a couple of times. But it's not enough of a problem for me to worry about it.............yet.


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Microsoft Antispyware is GIANT!

Brandon said:
Also consider downloading the new (free) MS AntiSpyware available here:
Microsoft Corp. bought out GIANT Anti-Spyware a few weeks back. They plan on incorporating it into their "new" version of Internet Explorer when released.

I've been using the GIANT Anti-spyware for almost 2 months now with great success. It has an "innoculate" feature which monitors certain programs with Internet access and tells you when an Internet site is trying to download Adware or Spyware onto your computer - thus allowing you to BLOCK IT before it can install itself. Those that manage to slip by into your "cookies" or registry, it finds and allows you to either "delete" or "quarantine" them.

It Works Great!

Try it FREE.... they give you a trial period to try it. It allows you to do an "intelligent" scan (only checks programs and files accessed since last time run) or a "Deep System Scan", which checks EVERYTHING on your computer. Run the "Deep System Scan" after you install it the first time, but do it just before going to bed or when you don't need to access your computer for a couple of hours, since it can take almost 2 hours to run if you have a big hard-drive. After that, you can get by with an "Intelligent Scan" which only takes about 5-10 minutes.

NO! I don't have stock or an interest in either MS or GIANT. I'm just a VERY SATISFIED USER!

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Thanks for tips. I have Norton AV 2005, I will try to disable it. I use Adaware, spybot, and Hackthis for spyware removal. I didn't know that Microsoft came out with it's version, I'll give it a try.
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