Processor near Douglas/Villa Rica?

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Anybody have a recommendation for a deer processor in Douglas/Paulding near Villa Rica?

Anybody know of a dropoff for Hunters for the Hungry in that area?

Thanks a ton!


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j and h on hwy 5 does a good job. they are about 3 miles from whitesburg traveling south from dville. never heard of a drop off for fth in those areas


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There's one real close to my house on Hwy 92 and 166 close to Charlie's gas station. It's about a mile before you cross the river on the Douglas County side. I haven't had an opportunity to try them out yet though.


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The one on 166 and 92 is A Plus deer processing. There's also one off Post Rd. too. Camp's I think. Hendrix deer processing in Paulding is good also.

Jim Thompson

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J&H does a great job. I think they were taking hunters for hungry several years ago.

Andy, where is Hendrix?