Procrastination and a tropical system

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My wife won a 4h silent auction to get me a gift certificate to Blackhawk trout fishing on the soque river. I have been procrastinating about going because my original plan was to use it on the way to Bryson City for our anniversary last year and we went to the keys instead. Well after calling to find out that what I thought was a reservation date was actually the expiration date I decided to fish on Friday. Turns out my preference to fish after tropical systems move through was a brilliant idea. I arrived to find a stained river and cloudy skies with high hopes.

First cast and boom I was into a nice rainbow which broke me off thankfully keeping the bad luck of a first cast fish away. Then two casts later:

So they day got off to a good start and then I got a surprise when I switched to a streamer

Definitely hard to complain when you're 2/3rd of the way to a ga trout slam before 830.

The streamer continued to pay off

Then a switch to a mop fly really paid off

After a good fight the slam was complete

Then to end the morning I caught the fish I lost on the first cast

Definitely a good trip, now to try and get a redfish on the fly


...just joking, seriously.
And that's how you use a fly rod!
WTG... :clap: