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Core Lokt

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Well, this is the Bragging Board..... LOL

This picture seems like 5-6- years ago.


This was this past Father's day.


I'm a blessed man. Healthy family, live in God's country and have two great daughters.

Me and the Mrs.'s did pretty good I must say. I got them both in the stand at an early age. youngest killed her fist of many deer at 9 and the oldest was 11. All A's all the way through school (didn't get that from me) Oldest graduated college as an RN and works in the NICU at a local Hospital. Got engaged last year and will get married in October, couldn't have hand picked a better young man that is not afraid of work and a go getter. She turned 23 today.

Youngest is in the radiology program and works 4 days a week. Neither me or their mom attended college. She has her first boyfriend, I had our first good talk a few weeks ago when i met him. She is 20. I'm pretty sure he listened and understands. I think he may work out, with me.

Only problem I have now, there isn't much time for 'ole dad. I'm very proud of them to say the least.


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Congrats, you have two beautiful daughters who seem to have their head on straight thanks to you and the Mrs.

You should be proud.

I need a pic like that of my two. Oldest is 23 and in second year of pharmacy at UF, youngest will be 20 on Saturday and is looking at some type of dentistry field. She is at Chipola now after spending 10 months on a mission trip in Cape Verde, Africa. Hard to let your baby go half a world away at the age of 18...came back this past May.

Once again congrats on some fine raising.


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Thanks.... good stuff for you as well until the wedding bill hits.:eek:

I get a pic like yours will post it up for you will be looking forward to hopefully taking grand kids out to a deer stand or turkey blind.


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You are proud as a Peacock and rightly so.

My Granddaughters are 7 and 6.
Do dread the day it comes but I already have "the talk" for the boys memorized when that day comes.😂😂

I'm sure you did fine and happy for you showing your Girls around the Turkey woods.

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Dang we are getting old. Have totally enjoyed the ride of what you have shared. From what I can remember those girls can shoot ducks too! Congrats.

And thank you.


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Excellent! Time sure fly’s by, Ive got two outstanding boys and two granddaughters already! Best wishes going forward!
Core Lokt,

I just saw this thread and I am very glad that I clicked on it to view it.

You and your wife have an awesome family there and I LOVE the fact that both Daughters are working in the Medical/Healthcare Field. The Healthcare field is very dear to me as my late wife worked in the Department of Neurology at the Medical College of Georgia Hospital here in Augusta for 27 years. She has been deceased for the past 13 years now due to heart and diabetic related disease.

Even though, I have had my own business for the past 28 years now, I have also volunteered at the same Hospital since back in 2000. Caregivers are very special people because all of them are like family members to me and when I am admitted. I actually know most every caregiver that is involved in my care and that makes me feel so much better as such.

Congratulations to both of your Daughters and especially to the two young men that are involved with them as they are mighty fortunate to be in the company of two beautiful and obviously very talented Daughters. I send my best wishes to all involved in your family.


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Can tell you are a proud dad. Not much else make a father proud than seeing his kids (daughters, especially) make good choices in life. You and their mother have done a great job.