Proud Daddy!!!!!!!

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Well, after 3 years of my now 8 year old son, Dustin, going hunting with me, I figured it was about time to let him try to take one hisself. I let him practice with the rifle this summer and he handled it very well and was very accurate with it.
I had to work opening day and since I work 24 hour shifts I didn't get off till Sunday morning and it was a little too late to go that morning.
I decided to take him Sunday afternoon and it paid off!
This was his first time ever going hunting and actually being able to shoot so I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Well, we were watching over a field that afternoon and about 7:00 4 does came out and started feeding on the edge. They were in some tall grass and a little hard to see and I was worried that he might want to rush the shot instead of letting them come out of the cover a little more to get a good clean shot. So, I turned to him to see what he thought and his eyes were huge, his jaw was on the ground, and he was shaking all over! I calmed him down a little and without me saying anything he said he didn't want to shoot yet because he couldn't get a good shot.:)
Well, I was proud of his decision and just hoped that he would get a shot. Sure enogh, after about 5 minutes of watching them, they started easing out in the field. He had his gun ready and I told him whenever he had a clear shot to take it if he wanted. He took his shot and one of the does dropped in her tracks! I looked at him and he was out of breath, and still shaking.
We walked over to her and got a good look at her. She was a good size doe, about 130 lbs. or so.
I turned to give him a high five and he was grinning from ear to ear. I've never seen him smile so big! He was so proud and I was so proud for him, I'll never forget that look or that moment!!!!!
BTW, he's got daddy and his papa beat so far, niether one of us has taken a deer yet. Looks like we're gonna have to tighten up!


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Congrats to son and Dad! I'm taking my 11 year old this weekend for his first hunt. i hope we have the same kind of luck!
Yes Suh!!!
:d :d :d
Another hunter joins the fraternity of hunters. My compliments to you and your son. :clap:
JKidd :D :D
Way to go son and dad! I know the feeling and it is as good as hunting gets. Thanks for taking the time to take your son hunting. He'll never forget it! :clap:


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Way to go JKidd! I'm taking my 11 yr old also this Sat, trying to get his first deer. It's not doe days up here yet, so it will be a little harder, be we are gonna try. I hope I have a story and pics to post soon! ::;

Eshad :shoot: :shoot:


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Jason, That's great. Can't wait till my girl can go with me.

Congratulations to the big hunter in your family :flag:
It does not get any better than that. Tell him congrats! Heck log in and let him see how happy we are for him.

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Thanks folks. Yeah, it is a great feeling that is hard to describe. I'm just happy that he enjoys to hunt and fish and be in the outdoors. I hope that he will always enjoy it and will one day pass it on to his children.:flag: Now I have a 4 year old boy that I am gonna be working with. He already loves to fish so maybe he will like to hunt also.

Duke13 and Eshad, good luck to y'all, I hope that you too will soon have a story to brag about your kids.

Rpaul11, I tell ya, it will be here before you know it! It seems like no time at all that I was thinking the same thing as you. Just hang in there.

JT, I will let him read the replies this afternoon when he gets home from school. He will be so proud again!:)

Well, thanks to everybody for listening to me brag on my son, I hope everybody can feel this feeling one day, it's great!!!!!
Teach them to hunt and fish and they wont go hungry...
Congrats to u both. My son is going with me as soon as we can get this football thing over with. One more game and I will be free at last.


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Congratulations to you both! Great story. I am sure that neither of you will ever forget it. Dropped her in her tracks! Great shot, young man!
Yep, there is nothing better than seeing your son doing the same you done as a kid.I see he was taught well.