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I was given a puma sheath knife awhile back. It has sharpened very nicely. I have never had a puma brand anything, wondering if it is quality knife? It is markers g b catomount German made. 10/rc. Hoping it will hold a edge. What are people's thoughts on this knife?


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One of the finest knives one can own...Used to have an old Puma razor that I would dearly love to have back....


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I still have and sometimes carry a Puma Backpacker that I got in 1976. Still going strong and stays sharp as a razor.


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Puma is a quality knife. Had a sheath knife that was stolen 20 years ago that still makes me mad


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Have one sheath and a few lock blades. All are great knives and hold their edge well. The sheath was lacking but that was easy to replace with one that has held up for many years.
Carried a puma knife on my web gear while I was in the military for years.

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As factory knives go they are very high quality.


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I have 3...a antler handled sheath knife I got in 1973 (wrote "Christmas 1973" on the back of the sheath), a folder with a brass and wood handle from around 1990, and a composite handle folder I picked up 15-20 years ago. The only one that sees any action these days is the composite folder that stays in my hunting pack.

Great knives...easy to sharpen (which also means quick to dull :() and the construction is top shelf. Don't know if they have a pocket clip version these days, I imagine they do, but if I was in the market for one it would probably be one of my top choices.
They make high quality German knives, but also label and import knives from china at a much lower price point. It is hard to tell which you have from their labels. Most of the European brands do the same thing. You can buy a boker stockman knife for $80 or $15 depending on if the knife is 100% German or German made with globally sourced materials. (Code for made in China and we packaged it in Germany) That stuff is important to collectors, but bottom line, if it holds a good edge and you enjoy it, its a good knife.