Pups in the Northwoods

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I just got back from a trip to the Northwoods. I carried 2 pups who turned 4 months while on the trip. They’ve been doing good on pigeons. I was going to be surprised if I didn’t shoot a woodcock or two over ea of them. They really had a ball and did great. I ended up shooting quite a few woodcock and a grouse over each over solid points. Here are a few clips


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When you say Northwoods, where do you mean? Did you have any Wolf issues? I know in MI. UP. it seems every fall they have a dog or two chased by wolfs while bird hunting .
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I’ve been going up there for about 20 years. We camp out in a fairly remote area. From camp, we hear wolves howling every year. I have never had an issue or an encounter with a wolf and my dogs. I think most of the conflict and encounters are with bear dogs.

I’m not sure why I even carried a gun that day. ?. It would have been impossible to shoot and video. My buddy’s dogs were worn out and needed a break so he was the designated shooter
Good stuff. I used to could walk out behind my house here for an hour and jump half a dozen grouse, but they're almost gone now.
Great to see the pups! I love watching a youngster turn it on.

Best year in a while in the northwoods. We were having a great hunt until we got several inches of snow, which makes it tougher for a few days.

It's been a good year for mine and my buddy's three year old dogs.