Pursuit Channel Now Live Streaming on the Internet

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Hey guys, great news. For those of you who don't have Dish Network 240 or DirecTV 608, getting Pursuit Channel, the largest dedicated outdoor network on the planet, hasn't been possible. But now you can watch all the great hunting and fishing shows live on the Internet. Simply log onto www.filmon.tv, Sports Channels and then Pursuit Channel and you'll be seeing the shows live. Lots of terrific hunting and fishing stuff on Pursuit Channel. Enjoy.
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Just wanted to post this because lots of the shows that used to be on Outdoor Channel, Versus and Sportsman's Channel are now on Pursuit, and this is the largest outdoor network out there.
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Not trying to be rude or anything but every time I turn to that channel it has nothing but infomercials.
Have you been there lately? Just watched a great bird hunting show there. Like any new network, Outdoor Channel and Sportsmen's went through the same thing, acquiring good programming takes time. I don't think you'll find many infomercials there now. Not to say that there aren't some, just as there still are on OC and SC, but what's there now is good stuff. Show schedule is found at www.pursuitchannel.com.
Ya infomercials about a grunt call and other stuff. When it does show hunting, its pretty good I guess. Good enough to watch while your deer hunting(meaning not celeberaties killing 184in 13 points and their first thought is advertising). I'm alright when Uncle Ted does that because he's funny about it and its natural for him but..


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Works on smart phones too.

Netflix will be second to this at work now haba.

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For those of you who have DirecTV, Pursuit Channel has moved to Channel 604. It's still free for all DirecTV and Dish Network subscribers, so go there and enjoy. You've got it. Great stuff on tonight...
Just checked... nothing has changed... still has infomercials for about a 1/3 of the day. Way to many if you ask me.

I do like a couple of the shows though.... Scentblock and Drury Outdoors and Deer thugs are both good


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Watched it about a week ago, and half the day was exercise equipment, diet pills, DVDs to dance with and lose weight, Ginsu knives, little blue love pills, and such.
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What time of the day are you guys watching? Go to the Pursuit Channel website and look at the schedule. Not many infomercials there from 6:00 a.m. till midnight. One thing is certain. More people watch Pursuit Channel than either Sportsman's Channel or Outdoor Channel. The ratings don't lie.