Quail hunt today


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Beggar’s lice are still everywhere, still an awful nuisance, and still a good food for quail.
About 7 years ago I was selecting from a large number of native grass options for a new section of my farm that had previously been a cattle operation; covered in Bahia and tropical Bermuda. After killing the cattle grass and the new quail friendly options were being suggested, one I heard was beggar’s lice. I think my son threatened to disown me if I picked that!
Anyway, it’s still hard to remove from man or beast. Shop towels, according to some, seem to help.

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Much better that sand spurs........ I have always thought of beggar lice as a benign nuisance but when I got the dogs into a sand spurs the first time..... lamed them up in minutes and I was very bloody grooming them out. I will suggest you add a metal fork with firm tines to your RX kit. best tool for sand spur removal..... leather golf gloves are a must too.