Quality Hunting Club - Butler County, Kentucky

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Quality hunting club in Butler County, Kentucky is seeking 6 hunters for a total of 6 at $1850 each. Hunters will have ALL DEER & TURKEY RIGHTS FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON. Trophy managed for 9 years. Have pictures of kills and trail cam pictures. 140 minimum on kills. You will not be disappointed. Please call or text me at 912-383-5037. I NEVER CHECK EMAIL!



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I thought somebody else already had these pieces leased. Wasn't it Quality Hunter?
What happened to that deal? I've had these same pics sent to me when he was looking to fill it?

Jim Boyd

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NUTT - I also remember the map but thought it was a re-post by the OP.....
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There's 605 acres. I do have pictures of B & C Bucks. Please text me at (912) 383-5037, and I'll send pictures. I thought I had this leased, but the deal fell through.