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Hey all

Looking at my calendar, I'm going to have some opportunity to go hunting the week before Christmas. Pretty sure I'll have hit my limit of deer by then, so I thought wouldn't it be nice to have a whole hog to cook up for Christmas eve (Cuban tradition). I was looking at some of the north WMAs that I've been told hold some good hog populations. Problem is that the WMA's are only open for small game hunting during that week. I was reading the regulations, and it says that 1. you can hunt hog on WMAs with any weapon legal for the season/hunt, and 2. It is legal to hunt fox and bobcat after Dec 1st and can use any centerfire rifle .17 or larger. Does that mean I can go in with my 5.56 or 300 AAC and hunt hog in the WMAs? I just don't want to get dinged for using an illegal weapon, especially in woods where you typically use high powered rifles for deer or bear, which are both closed during the week of Dec 21st?
Best i can tell your right,

You need to make sure and check each individual WMAs regulations. There could be some differences in dates.


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Just make sure the WMA doesn’t have that dreaded phrase, “No Furbearer Hunting “ Pinelog had that most of the past 10 years or so, but again it is NOT there! :rockon:
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Thanks so much for the responses. I called the region 2 office and was told I am good to go! Here piggie piggie!