Quick speck trip.

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I've been wanting to chase a few speck lately so left before daylight to drive to my favorite stream for them. After walking in it was still very dark. It was hard to see the strikes for the first few fish since I was in the water by 7:05 am. Fished quickly up the stream for little over a mile of fishing. Had to be out by 11:00 so I left the water at 9:55 am and started the walk out. While I didn't catch any real big specks I did land 20 or more that were around the 7" mark with a few being closer to 8" and one that was around 9". With all the discussion on long verses short rods I decided to dust of a 7' sage 3 WT not used in years. I did miss one or two fish because of drag which I could have prevented with a longer rod but the short rod was handy in a few tighter spots so it kind of balanced out. Keeping count is something I usually do for my clients so I tend to do it on my own now. My total for specks in hand this morning was 60 in less than 3 hours. They are starting to get some fall color.


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Fantastic day in my book. Kudos.


Looks like an excellent morning! I love catching those little guys, or even just being where they live.
Golly - they are gorgeous fish!
And what a rig: green mop (or greenie weenie) under a parachute adams of stimi might as well be called the speck rig.
Nice job and thanks for sharing those awesome pics!
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Thanks everyone, it was an enjoyable morning for sure. Àdams parachute with greenie weenie dropper worked well. I can usually get by with just a dry on this stream, but with high water from all the rain the dropper helped at lot. Hope the streams recede some over the next few weeks so they become a little easier to fish. I can't remember a wetter August in my life. Streams are as high as they are in April and grass in a growing faster and thicker than I've ever seen even in the spring.