Quite a day...

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Power went out at the house leaving me with no internet and thank goodness, because I needed a day in the woods.
Drove up to the hills, ready to check cams and catch some wild trout.

First cam is about 1.5 miles from the truck. I get in there and ... it's been eaten by a bear. OK, this is fairly common, so I grab it and move on. Second, cam is about a mile or two away. Get there, forgot where I put it, then I find it, facing the wrong way on the tree so I think bear again. DANG. Nope, human. Jerks took my SD card. Man, if there is one type of person I detest most it's thieves. But freeloading lazy thieves, :mad:!!!!!

OK, into the truck, to a different location. This one is about .75 miles from the truck. I get to the area... looking, looking. Check my map on the gps. This was the first time I tried the handheld instead of the iphone app (actually left the phone in the car because charger wasn't working) so I thought maybe the waypoint was off. Nope. There it was. Or what was left of it. Appeared to have been shot by what I can only imagine was a shotgun. It was obliterated.

With the score 0-3 against me I decide to simply walk down the ridge to the creek; it's one of my favorite drainages, even though it does not hold brook trout. Take off my pack and my collapsible rod is gone. I found it broken in half on the trail back to the truck - I guess I unknowingly snagged it on an overhang or something.

I guess the universe was telling me I should've stayed home today. :(


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We had a similar issue and we mounted some cameras very high up watching the regular cameras.(we use cell type now) and we were able to catch the individual who was doing the deed. Power out and cams and pole hurt and probably the beer was warm due to the power outage. Better times are coming and think about maybe moving up to the cell cams so you will have the data within minutes. Security boxes and python cables also aid in cam safety both with the bears and human critters. I don't think the security boxes will do much against a close shot gun blast but the cam watching the cam probably aid the situation somewhat.


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Dang son, sounds like a day in the woods with bfriendly. Sorry bout the theft.....some people really just suck. They’ll get theirs......forgive and move on. The bear on the other hand, needs a good killing!


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I've bought one cell camera just to see who comes and goes. Have already caught a trespasser who was a realtor. Cut the chain etc. Sheriff gave him notice, next time he would be arrested. Cell camera also lets me know if any members are entering or not entering. Mostly not because they're only interested in deer season. Not any labor like food plots of keeping the roads clear. This little camera is hidden so well, even I can't see it when driving by. Other cameras are not cell.
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I use cell cams on private and a few deep on public where I can get a signal in the mountains. But mostly I use tasco on public
Man that sucks