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The Law of Moses via the human will has a perfect record with zero wins.
Jesus Christ via the will of God has a perfect record of zero losses.

They are both polar opposite in relation to their role in God's overall plan of redemption.They both do perfectly what they're designed to do. Anyone who seeks to be justified by the Law is in essence attempting to prove God wrong!!
Anyone who acknowledges the truth of salvation in Christ Jesus by grace alone through faith alone is testifying to God's rightness!!

Grace, it really is that simple and profound!

#IFoughtTheLawAndTheLawWon #TheCrossWorkedOnceForAllTime
Abandon yourself to the Holy Spirit. Not knowing what to ask for, ask for nothing, be nothing, expect nothing but the abandonment of your spirit to the Spirit of the Lord. Be Nothing else. Be to the Holy Spirit like a child that naturally fits in a parent's embrace. Your spirit let it become absent of your self, yourself which is become void of your will and so emptied of yourself be to the Holy Spirit. Be abandon to yourself and so be present to the will of the Holy Spirit and to whatever the Holy Spirit will witness to you. Be surprised with what He will deposit in you, when you abandon yourself to the Holy Spirit, when you can pay attention without paying attentions, asking without expectation by not asking at all and so just being alive to God. Walk, sit, stand besides yourself and let your spirit be first to meet with the Lord. With such a spirit go where the Holy Spirit is.

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