Raccoon Question


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I should know more about coons as my dad was a big time coon hunter when I was a kid.
He had two Blue Tick hounds and hunted with an older man down the road from us.
I went once but running around in the dark with branches whipping you in the face was not my cup of tea.

My questions, I assume coons stay in a family group as I get a couple of big ones and several small ones at my feeder.
Does one family take over the area or can there be several competing family groups in an area?



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Coons are solitary critters for the most part, except kitten coons stay with their mama until they're about grown. The only time boars and sows hang out together is in the breeding season in late winter. And yes, lots of coons will hang out in the same area if they find a good food source.


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We have two Duke's traps out and have caught six in two weeks.
We have a cell cam on them and my friend lives on the land and takes care of the traps. It is an hour away for me.
Coons cannot resist marshmallows.