Race baiting: The media had blood on it's hands.

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There have been at least 3 murders of white people by black perpetrators who were so enraged by the Arbury case, that they chose to go out and kill white people. 2 of them were elderly white people were visiting their son's grave when a man actually hunted them down, stalking to within a few yards using the woods and a ditch as cover. Here is what the media says about that. Mind you they searched his social media and found the diatribes and refuse to release that. https://foxbaltimore.com/news/local...y-elkton-couple-at-delaware-veterans-cemetery That is what bother me about the media coverage and the Arbury case. There very well may be evidence that the McMichaels intended to hunt down and kill a black man, but the 24/7 coverage that the media puts out that this is absolute fact, but not from what I've seen so far. The black man who killed the white couple and the 2 other cases, had actual social media news posts about what they felt and what they were going to do. The media whips them into a frenzy and athletes like Lebron James state that black men are being hunted every day by white people do not coincide with facts. The #1 killer of young blacks makes is young black males and it's not even close. A black person is 10 times more likely to killed by another black, than they are to be killed by a white.
Regarding the Delaware case, the officers that responded were in a bearcat. The perp attempted to engage an apc with small arms. The picture showed pock marks in the front glass, obviously bulletproof. At least to regular small arms.

That was posted in a local paper, linked on another site. Speculation was an attempted ambush on responders. The perp ain’t talking. Not sure if he left any notes regarding that.
Well said but statistics dont fit what they are pushing, like what was previously stated anyone who thinks they can push a race war and thugs prevail is full retard.... I know plenty of people who cant stand thugs and dont wanna be around thugs and dont necessarily hide it. But they dont go around thug hunting. They do what normally everyone does they avoid them and stay out of predominantly thug areas