Racoon hunting regs

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So I'm going camping tomorrow on a wma with the family. Saturday morning I'm going to do some squirrel hunting with my oldest. So I'm getting everything ready and I get the idea that maybe it would be fun to do some coon hunting tomorrow night before we turn in. I grab my regs book and start looking for what I need to know but there's nothing. Just season dates and bag limits. I can remember in past regs books things like what kind of light you can use and so on. Can anybody help me with the rules for racoons? I don't want to end up getting into trouble out of ignorance. Also we won't be using dogs. Just a nice walk through the woods and a lot of hope so if anyone can share some tips for spot and stalk on coons that would be great. Thanks in advance.


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Just stick to squirrel hunting during the day! Going to be hard to convince anyone you are coon hunting without a dog! I'd get some sticks/ marshmallows for something to do at night.