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Did a little scouting and sightseeing today. I did not venture far but when you ask, the forest has a way of both soothing the soul and motivating the spirit. I am excited for opening day. Found a hole bunch of these. C2FD37F3-CC4B-4F51-BCB8-62702C61BE53.jpeg Reminders of simpler times. 432F2EA1-3718-4E37-A844-7E93BF419877.jpeg 008DD626-DBBB-46AF-A29E-A29CB9B28014.jpeg The forest toe fungus. 2E271C9C-E9ED-46BA-8F33-52828801B00B.jpeg 4A1CC255-9012-481C-81E2-4FB8EF6FCACA.jpeg Peek a boo. 157745E8-2FA8-4ECE-A91C-24A59C30694C.jpeg B7515CCF-9CE6-4024-99F5-FE514E243C68.jpeg Better then winning the lottery. 4055EFB9-7B3A-4F2A-AFCA-456CEC3F3621.jpeg A9712751-9233-450E-9AE0-C6AC4FBD8536.jpeg And a tree rat. 4354EAC5-FBAB-4217-B54F-0416E2218D00.jpeg Overall it was a good day and I hope to keep this momentum for deer season. Thanks for looking and good luck this season.