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i wonder if we can get folks to update ramp closings/open on a daily basis.


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Fished Lake Oliver yesterday and was told that in the next few days the ramp will be blocked off. To many folks congregating there on the weekends. I read that the Corps of Engineers were about to close all there gates and barricading the ramps that weren't gated. Don't know when though. Going to Goat Rock this afternoon so I will let you know tomorrow if its still open.
Fished 278(Redlands) boat ramp today and the pay to park station was covered with a trash bag, but still allowing boats to put in. Motored across the lake and Blue Springs was slam packed with trucks with empty boat trailers. My buddy spoke with a fella at the ramp and he said DNR had shut down all public ramps on Oconee that had a gate. He said Kemp was suppose to have a meeting with DNR tonight on how to proceed with closing the rest or not. I really hope not, because the crappie are about to be on fire and I love to eat them. Also from what I saw everyone on the water was 6ft plus away from each other!!
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fished richland creek, yesterday. now i remember why i dont fish on weekends! place was packed. caught a few, but will stick to weekdays .

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I don’t live but ten minutes from Sugar Creek. Later today I’ll do a ride by and see if ramp is opened or not. It’s a Georgia Power ramp so if it’s locked the others would be also.
*** Sugar Creek is open but about 90% full.
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Does anyone know if the ramp at Arrowhead Park, Lake Russell is still open. I called the park Monday, and only got a voice message. I know the 72 ramp is open, but it was so full Saturday I wanted another option this weekend.
Its coming, be sure and thank the idiots when you see them, basic instruction cannot be followed these days. Further strengthens my ideas that every person should serve two years in the military after high school. Basic, simple instruction...People cant follow it, so of course the state is going to lock down the ramps, what does it take for people to realize?

lucky for us Kayak guys, the state defines bridges as access points and they cannot close bridges. Going to be as sweet couple weeks without any idiots on the lake, just me and the fish.
You can walk across it from boat to boat without falling in.

Seriously, it's more crowded than normal, so get there early for a parking spot. I have not decided where to fish tomorrow, so you might see me thereabouts.
I read earlier that every ramp on chatuge will be closed, i blame it on the tournaments last weekend. Most of the pleasure boaters were from private docks at 2nd homes. Was alot of bassboats. Before anyone mentions it, yes there were tournaments.