Randolph County

Another year has passed, and Im headed to Randolph Co on the 26th. Again, I'll stay till season end. Our land has been clear cut, so new hunting opportunities. Last year had to clean from the hurricane, this year clean up from timbering. Never ending, glad I enjoy it, but would not clean someone elses land.
Hope I get an eyeball on a nice buck, but time out there will be plenty to enjoy.
Anybody seeing anything in the area?
Im still at camp. Have not hunted much. Mostly been relaxing and cleaning up the property. Trail cameras showing a few nice bucks still surviving.
Headed to deer camp later today. Im sure I will spend alot of time just to get the dust off the cabin and cookshack. I've had cell and regular cameras running, so will check them. I want to test out my new illuminator for night vision. Many things to do, mower tail wheel replacement, harrow lift arms, spreader motor, railings at steps, wipe out a yj nest, wash our guest camper, mow, put up new ladder stand, paint roof on golf cart, etc, etc.
Going to be a relaxing week. I love doing this stuff.
Sally has dumped alot of rain on the property today. Stayed inside mostly. Put a new threshold on cookshack door. Hope it helps keeping those cold drafts come late Dec/Jan.
Acorns must be falling. No deer at camp field corn feeder except at night.
Working on moving property gate tomorrow, weather permitting.
I rode all the roads and trails on property today. No blockage from downed trees. Had limbs down but not chainsaw workout. Worked a new gate fence. Im getting too old for post hole diggers. Wore me out, but only 2 more post holes to dig. I got the main gate poles concreted in today, so should be easier for the rest of them.
Pulled cards, not much movement since the storm. Hopefully cooler weather will get them on thier feet. I dont bow hunt but just love to see them, and shootem come gun season.
Good luck to you bow hunters.
Been at camp a few days. Trying to prep a 4 acre field for some Pennington Fall mix. I sprayed field 2-3 weeks ago and had a good kill rate. Before spraying I mowed to about 6" height. Then mowed again thursday to about 2". There is alot of dead vegetation. I hit it one time with a harrow to break it up and then with a shank plow. Plow is getting filled up to where its not penetrating. I harrowed again, twice, rotating directions, tried plow
again and dead vegetation still raising plow up.
What am I doing wrong? Should not need to go over dirt this many times. Im thinking harrow too light. It has an "L" frame instead boxed.
Suggestions appreciated.
Yes sounds like your harrow is too light. Where u at. We’re in Randolph and have a big harrow. May be too late but if you can burn the clippings it’ll plow like butter
I harrowed a couple more times and planted Monday. Hope the rain comes this weekend. Keeping eye out for a better harrow.
We are off Recreation Camp Rd.
Last day of 2021/2022 season. Ive been skunked all season. Ive had plenty of chances at some mature does but not a buck I consider mature. Still have 2 nice ones on camera that have survived so far.
Going to move a blind in a few and set up for the p.m. hunt. Wind is going to change to ssw so Im moving accordingly.
Good luck to all. Its been a great season, enjoyed every minute of it.