Rattling horns ?

I used a rattle box back about 30 years ago on national forest in Hillsboro rattled up alittle 4 pointer the day before gun season opened. I was sitting in the woods observing and was playing around with it. I think I was about 16 years old.
For rattling to work optimally, I’ve found the tighter the buck/doe ratio, the better it works. Rattling on the typical GA property with a 10:1 ratio….you’re fighting an uphill battle most (but not all) of the time.
I was blessed for many years to hunt on a plantation here that made every effort to keep the ratio at 1/1-1/2. Insane ruts there on that 12,000 acres. You’d rattle at the right time and see bucks coming in slobbering, itching for a fight. It was a beautiful sight!

Hunt other property nearby with the usual ratios and no rattling action.
I remember those being sold years ago.
I have only had a few deer come into my rattling horns but my hunting partner has rattled in a good many in Lamar, Talbot and Pike counties.
He has rattled in and killed bucks in Archery,ML and Gun season.
He believes in them and uses them a lot, I guess that is why they work for him