Rayonier got me!

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One week before season opens and we get a letter saying that we have 25 days to vacate the property. Oh and we are getting less than half of our lease payment! Jeez
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They sold the land due to some kind of land tax act, the leases start around april or may. They pro-rate the lease payment with some kind of formula.....They didn't even tell us it was on the market when we renewed our "five year lease" . Just got screwed out of about 3000 dollars. Just 3 of us hunting on the 1000 acres. Now we gotta find another lease or just look to next year


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They did me the same way,at least they waited after deer season.If they ever come in to do any surveying and marking the trees its for sale.AFM services sales most of there property for those who lease from them go to there web site you will know if your lease is up for sale.
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It sucks big time, we have been practicing QDM for the past 5 years and have killed less that 8 bucks. What sucks is now we get to start all over somewhere else, hopefully a place that was already QDM but I doubt it. It sure took the wind out of my sails.


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Sorry to hear that and that is also why I won't lease from those big land players. They don't care about your money!!!
Well now there,s different ways to approach this.

If,n I got burned for 3 Grand and had been doing QDM , And Planted Food Plots , Cleared Shooting Lanes , Put up Stands , Made Vacation Plans and found out 25 Days before Season starts it was all over because of Corporation - I AM A POTTY MOUTH -- I AM A POTTY MOUTH -.

You ever heard the term Slippin.

Sounds like they ain,t Leasing it out to anybody else. You know the Lay of the Land. Just keep checking for your Stuff you might have left behind real quiet like for the next couple of Months ...And carry a Gun so the Cayotes don,t get Ya.....
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swamp hunter I thought about that but we called the tax office today and they have submitted for the deed. If thats the case the sale is just about final, I don't trespass, but it did cross my mind. Ima hunt this weekend then try to contact the new owner and hopefully they will let us lease it from them or at least hunt this season.
Sale is Final don,t mean somebodys gonna start building a House there next Week.
Corps do the Paper Push every Day. Tax Deeds, Closing Statements.Right of first Refusal....
Keep an Eye on the Gate. check for Tire Tracks.
Corps sometimes have Thousands of Acres of Land. They bought it from a Timber cruise , A Plat Map , and good Financing.
They ain,t moving the Office near your Treestand.

Watch the Gate , Security Guy is what I like to call it.
Sorry Folks this Land is closed to Access.

Half my State is owned by out of State Corps that seen it once on Vacation.
then try to contact the new owner and hopefully they will let us lease it from them or at least hunt this season.
That's exactly what I'd do. I hope it works out for you. If you are not near an urban area, prime for development, it's most likely going to another timber REIT or TIMO and they'd be keen to lease it out.

Timber companies are in biz to make money and our lease payments barely pay the property tax. Sadly, we have little to no leverage in the end.
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I know, $6000 is a drop in a bucket to these timber companies but for us its a huge deal. I am trying to stay positive but my options are slim right now
Man that stinks but happens often. I helped my dad and bro wipe out a lease about 7 years ago that was formerly QDM for over 10 years. We hammered everything from spikes and up in the last 30 days. If I'd have had dogs then we'd have wiped out every deer on the property. That was in fla and we piled up the bucks 2 per day,no season limit!

It was rayonier also


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bad as I hate to say it, I have to agree with everyone else. If you contact the new owner, and it's just another timber company, they don't give a rip about you or the deer there. sure they'll try to lease it next year most likely, but you'll be on the bidding process and no telling if you'll even get it.

i'd invite all my friends and we'd pretty much take a 'brown it's down' mentality

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Well, I certainly hate to hear this happening to you. That does suck! Also sounds like you're losing a heck of a lot more money than you should be. As others have said, see if the new owner will let you hunt it this year. Explain what happened and maybe the new owner will have a heart. Also, I would keep an eye out on the property just to make sure Rayonier didn't pull your lease to lease that land to someone else. If this is the case, I would spread the word at how dirty they treated you.

Also, I have to disagree with everyone telling you to kill everything on the property. Why take out your frustrations on the deer? That's not going to solve anything. I know the thinking is to kill everything so if someone else leases it the hunting won't be good, but still, that's just killing them for the wrong reason.

Certainly wish you luck with everything and do keep us updated on how it turns out.



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That's a huge let down know doudt, but I bet if it's another paper company, they will be more than willing to lease. As for shooting everything on the property, I think that's a crock.!!! The deer had nothing to do with the lose of your lease. That's sounds mighty childish to me, or maybe I just have to much respect for the outdoors and the sport I enjoy. JMHO...