Re my post in Prayer requests.

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PLEASE NOBODY take what I'm about to say the wrong way.
that being said, most of us shoot. some are better at it that others (D2D), Kidding. If you had been through a high speed pursuit and flipped your vehicle, no matter how 'High' on whatever, could you get out from under the truck and MAKE a headshot? This had to be a freak shot or something, Heck, sometimes I can't make a shot on a BIG buck. :banginghe
what do y'all think?



I understand what you're sayin'........

It's really hard to understand somethin' like this......

I really don't know.......I guess the Lord must of had some reason for it......

I know I couldn't have done it......... :(


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from what i saw on tv they shot him with a shotgun. they wouldn't have to be too good a shot with shotgun. just point and shoot
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I had been told it was a handgun, but no matter. If you were"high", drunk or just plain crazy, that's still hard for me to believe.
Like HT2 said, it must have been a "plan" we just can't understand.
Saw the culprits on the late news last night.Looked like two perfect models of society. Has anyone heard why they were so eager to get away? It must have seemed pretty elmo important at the time. ::huh: