real bread

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Youtube is your friend, if you can stomach hipsters with man-buns and such, 'cause one or two of them are really good at explaining sourdough, and the techniques used when working with a sticky (high hydration) dough, without flouring it. I learned long ago working my way thru school at a high-end restaurant one summer. Mama never made bread, she just bought Sunbeam or Colonial. If I was lucky, Roman Meal. LOL
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Man, I did just that, with some good butter and sea salt flakes. Totally blimped out on it. Thick-cut toast with butter, bacon, and scrambled eggs is top-shelf, too. :LOL:
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Knocked out 2 loaves for deer camp while the Zeta wind was raging this morning. Had to wait for power to come back on. Came out great. I sliced it up and packed in ziplocs for camp.
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