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Wife’s been hounding me about wanting a pool, which I’ve been fighting for a few years now.
Well, she finally won when she showed me examples of those stock tank pools. Found one a few weeks ago at Tractor Supply on a pretty good sale.
Finally made the time this weekend to finish it up.
Not much, but waters cool and will be a good spot to just sit in and relax on those hot days.
Gonna transition it to a hot tub in the fall/winter too!
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How y’all gonna heat it in the fall/winter?
There’s multiple ways to do it when researched, with the more popular way being the wood fired method Long bow mentioned above. I would go that route, but the wifey is allergic to the smoke.
Most likely we will get a portable tankless water heater that runs on propane.
Still researching this however.

Is that capable of keeping keeping bait alive for a week or so?
I like your angle!
I don’t see why not, as long as you don’t add in the pool chemicals! The filter pump I have pushes 1500 gallons/minute so it should keep the water nice and oxygenated for the baitfish for awhile I’m sure.


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That is very cool!