Redneck backyard Oasis

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Here’s the other side of the porch that we did awhile back.....was originally just bare and growing ground moss due to a lack of sun 90% of the time.

Adirondack’s and ottoman’s hand crafted by fellow member T-N-T!
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Absolutely, need to add a wide screen on a couple cinder blocks to watch the race.
Lol, I actually want to put one above where the grille is sitting. The wife just gives me “the look” when I reference it.
I do have an extra tv wall mount that I could just put up there and move the tv on the weekends :huh::cheers:
Hey, she got the “pool”.....I’m sure the misses will still be like :waggingfinger:


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Someone just showed me that thing the other day. Pretty slick little setup!
And you showed me and nice little “patio” to put around it!👍🏻


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Looks great, do you have a filter on it? I made a wood heater for my pool that could put out boiling water. It could be 60 feet or more away. Used a coil of 1/2 inch copper and a 55 gal. Drum. Put the drum up on bricks so you can build a fire under it spread out the copper enough to just fit in the drum hooked a garden hose to the pool pump and a hose to return the water to the pool. What ever temp you keep the water in the drum will be your out out temp. Doesn't take much wood once you get it to temp.