Rem. 700 stock question

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I just discovered that my go to ADL 700 in 30-06 has a crack in the stock. I am very disappointed as I have had the old school Kanes gun chaps on it for over 30 years. The stock is/was in perfect condition. My question is..I love the youth model feel of just about any gun, particularly the Model 7. Can I purchase a youth model long action, ADL stock and simply replace? Are there any issues with making this move to the smaller stock? Any advice would be appreciated. Thx!
Bummer about the old stock. If the stock has sentimental value, you could probably have it repaired.

As long as the new stock is a Model 700 long action ADL, it should fit without modification. Most youth/compact guns are built on a short action though, so there probably aren't a ton of stocks like what your looking for floating around. It might be easier just to order a stock from Boyd's and specify the exact length of pull that you want.
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Yes- a call to Remington was my first move, but was on hold for an extended period of time, then chose their call back option. The call back never came.
I have found this .....
on Numrich. It appears to match. I have just never made a stock adjustment, but know that the 700 is modified often. I knew there would be someone here that is much more knowledgeable than myself.


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what long action calibers did they put youth stocks on?

I'd just repair the crack, then shorten it if you really want a shorter gun. I imagine it won't be that fun to shoot. Looks like several walnut 700 la stocks on ebay too, pick one up and refinish it is also an option.