Remington 1911 R1 Rear Sight Removal

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Gentlemen, I'm looking for a gunsmith that can remove my rear sight on my Remington 1911 R1. I am in Forsyth County. I heard good things about Andy Gazaway, but I do not have any info (email address, etc) for him. So I am not sure if he is still gunsmithing.

I have tried the tools that I have and they do not appear to fit perfectly so I'd rather not complicate the issue. :)


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You'll find closer but you wont find much better. Bob's Custom Firearms, Palmetto, GA, 770-463-4140 .
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Thanks Ruger. I'll save that info for sure (for future, larger projects). I tried calling Bullseye and GA Gun Club as well, but they have not responded yet.
Put the slide in a vice padded with wood,leather, rubber etc. Use a brass or hardwood rod and tap out the rear sight.
That is all!