Renamed Thread: Midwest Prep 2024 - Please join in!!! (adding Illinois pics now)

slow motion

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So what does pics of an Audi R8 have to do with this thread? Well it has to do with financing such activities. Had a repair in a garage. Probably the only time I'll be trusted to be alone with an official Super Car 2 days in a row. Would have been a nice gesture to let me take it for a spin but alas. 20240709_115453.jpg20240708_152311.jpg20240708_152348.jpg

Jim Boyd

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Fulton county getting a nice rain today

Landowners daughter said they are getting good rain in S Schuyler also.

Said she saw a buck put a beat down on a bobcat this week…..

Left the Honda Rancher there and they are using it. That pleases me.

Makes using the tractor each visit a little more palatable.

Bucks on the move all day today.


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Wide load is still growing. I am down to only one camera working. Last yr I built external battery boxes for my cams and have quickly learned it’s not worth trying to recharge the battery you have to just replace them.
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I have external boxes for all of mine and just as many extra batteries. Swap them out about every 6 months or so with fresh charged ones. Works perfect.