reporting in....

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anyone had any luck or any sightings? as for me just geese chipmunks n birds...oh and a very noisy woodpecker!


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I just had a great encounter with a nice 6 point @ 30 yds. Perfect shot situation.....But if I shoot all the little deer then I won't have any big deer. But man was it tough to let him walk!!!
I didn't think to get a pic.
Ive killed a limit of mosquitoes. And ran over my quiver and arrows on the way to stand when it fell off the front rack of 4wheeler. Smooth
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Nothing here but an annoying crow and the neighbors dove shooting :banginghe :banginghe
lol after i read about ur crows comment i hear a army of em outta nowhere n look up...30 of em atleast...jinx! :stir:


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Nothing here in Oglethorpe County so far...


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Nothing here at the workplace either:banginghe:banginghe:banginghe....Yall make me feel like i am in the woods though...keep em comin.:banana:
No deer ..... cobb core land.

1 hour to go...


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Jumped two does driving in at 5:30. Hope they come back around. Hunting suburbs lawrenceville. Other than that, 3 squirrels and two different beavers! I know but the land owner thinks they're "cute". Ugh
Just got back to the house and I jumped some bedded deer going to the stand this morning. The only action I had in the stand this morning was hearing a turkey a ways off and having a fox walk under my stand(it was hard not to practice).


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Nothing in paulding, except a big hawk almost hitting me. Little bit longer then I'm gonna ease on out.


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I saw a little 2.5 yr old 8 point, and I let him pass. I also so a nice doe and when I drew on her, she saw me. She stopped at about 30 yrds and Right when I let the arrow fly she ran off. First miss of the year.