reporting in....

4 does and 2 small bucks in Walker County. No shot or didn't want to shoot the little bucks. Got to goo in early, event this evening....RW
saw 2 does and 2 fawns this morning. I shot at one of the does but just grazed her. alittle meat and fat on the arrow but no blood on the ground or arrow. oh well maybe tonight.
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Got a doe in the backyard this morning around 8:00. Got her to the cooler for some good sausage. Good luck everyone!
congrats on doe bet it good to get blood back umping ...good practice for the big un!
Nothing happening here in Henry over food plots. Bout to get down and pull the card on the camera on the back side in the hardwoods. Sure was a nice morning though.


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shot a good 9 this morning will post pics later. Had to swing by the office while in town about to head back to the house and downloead them on the computer


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What is this "too hot?" Its PERFECT. Not to mention the hubs (kcausey) just put some meat in the freezer but I'll let him tell that story...still relaxin in my viper in monroe co. For now...
congrats to the ones that got them one..shame on you that stayed in'm at work or I would been out there and wouldn't have cared if I didn't see a deer..I've waited all year for the season but will have to wait a couple more days before I hit the woods because of work..saving vacation for Nov.



In the tree at 4:45 am to avoid pushing anything out of the area...out at 9:30..not a single deer. Pulled the memory cards on both cams...NADA. I have been getting daily pics til now. It seems like they know...?
shot a doe around 80 pounds this morning.Saw a big shooter 8 at first light but his 6th sense kicked in before i could draw.Saw few does at 8 out of range.Had several more does come in at 830 took one of them.Will post some more pics later got to get to jrs birthday party.
Saw one rabbit and way too many dang birds in N. Hall Co. I felt sure they would be on the grape vines this morning as they usually are. Uhh! Congrats to those who were successful.