reporting in....

Back at it again sitting high in the pines on the edge of a food plot, got some acorns dropping to my right maybe I will see something this evening! Good luck to all!


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Only tree rats this evening so far.


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Hunted in Carroll Co. The hard and soft mast is almost non-existent. Sow turkeys and great blue harron. No fresh deer signs anywhere... disappointing opener.
i had a 10 pointer come out but it was on tv, i could have shoot at it but i would have tore up my tv but another hunter did though :shoot:


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Hunted lake russel W.M.A. and saw nothing.I caught a copperhead on the way out thats about it.Sign in sheet had around a hundred names on it but only 2 turned in at 12:30.
Didn't hunt this morning. This evening I was set up over muscadines. Around 7:15pm or so I spot a deer coming right at me. Spike :cry:. And then I see one coming up behind him. Mr. Spike got a free pass and walked slowly through one of my lanes at 15 yards. I focused on the deer behind it which turned out to be a little fork horn. :cry:. But wait...there's one behind that one. Mr. Fork horn followed the spike slowly through the same lane at 15 yards. Ok, now focused on the one trailing these guys. "Please be a bigger buck or a fat doe." Another little fork horn! :cry: You've got to be kidding me. That guy also walked slowly through that same lane at 15 yards. The decision to pass them up came pretty easily. But I'm hunting on a very small tract so I don't think I'll ever see them as adults. The surrounding hunters will blast them. But who knows. Wait...there's one more! "Oh please be a fat doe!" It's another freakin' spike! This one's path started out like the first three but it changed direction and fed on muscadines right in front of me at about 10 yards. I snapped a few pics with bow in one hand and camera in the other. They all turned out blurry but here are the best two. Also saw a doe at about 60 yards and a doe at about 40. Going back tomorrow afternoon.


Had a blast with all the good reports. Hope ya'll can keep 'em coming.
went to heard co. this morning. had 3 does and a spike at 7:50am at 128 yards. i need more pins. went back at 12 and had a long beard come by at 5:15


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Ska-zilch, notta, noseeum ! :confused: :cry:


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Couple tree rats was all I saw.
Had a great time taking my son on his first bowhunt though!
Congrats to all who had success - as for the rest of us we're just gettin' started!
Had a house cat with a mouse in its mouth.... no deer....
Not a thing my way. Might have stunk the place up a bit hanging my stand yesterday afternoon but with some luck will have some pictures to post of one this evening. Good luck to all and let the arrows fly


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Back in the tree for the evening. Nothing yet. Got lots of grapes on the ground and one whiteoak droping pretty good. In the same tree I killed a 13 out of last year. Should be good.