Retriever Trainer/Kennel Help

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Water Swat

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We have one of the largest Boykin Spaniel training programs in the country and are in need of some more help as we move into hunt test and field trial season.
Full or part time opportunities available.
Some dog sense and experience with retrievers would be good but not required. A reliable source of transportation IS required. Early morning starts and sometimes late into the evenings. Most weekends we will be working.

Duties would include but not limited to:

Kennel Cleaning/feeding/and airing dogs
Throwing ducks (good arm required)
Setting up training equipment
General maintenance of equipment
Bush-hogging fields
Cutting grass around ponds

If you don't have experience, most of the tasks aren't hard to learn. I need someone I don't have to baby sit, or explain something over and over. Common sense and thick skin are needed.

If you have dog training experience, and have an interest in learning a lot more, this would be a great opportunity to learn the game and learn dogs.
The work can be hard, but fun if you like dogs.

email Blaine at
or pm me here.