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Jim Boyd

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Let’s feed them up, guys and gals.

The deer gain.

What we don’t get to take advantage of from a hunting and viewing standpoint (in our lifetimes) - someone else will.

This is one acre of 35 we have at our disposal for plots.

Not all look this good - but that is my goal.

If you want larger bucks, more deer and a healthy herd - this is ONE of the ways to get there.

Best to all....

3636ABD9-9DA8-4FB7-9803-C706C94F50C9.jpeg B3A06A97-DA3B-45A3-B1BD-87A0A3A0AA32.jpeg 2AFC7717-1AF8-4CEF-9E46-944066A51379.jpeg B74BBDE1-268D-4230-A3A6-61287AFFC3CA.jpeg 5EC683A7-6DE9-47B1-BA29-41C529CF4B3E.jpeg


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Heck yeah buddy, fine looking reward for the hard work...Gonna be hard to social distance in that plot..
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Jim Boyd

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.Gonna be hard to social distance in that plot..
They are chowing down, for sure.

Lots of poop and chewed off stems.

Let em’ eat!!!

Obviously there is a right and also a wrong way to do things BUT I see that nobody told you anything about doing it the wrong way !!!! Man, you have a wonderful place and set-up for all of your critters !!! Thanks for sharing this with us.
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Jim Boyd

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Nice to see tree tubes standing upright. Drove 6 hours home to see on cell cam that most of mine fell over during the first sign of wind. I used bamboo stakes but I guess they werent strong enough. Live and learn
Deers2 -

We planted almost 160 trees and used 5’ stakes of EMT. They are very secure, I don’t see any of them falling over, to be honest.

Here is a thread that chronicles the planting of the trees - and lots of info from knowledgeable folks.

As a newbie to tree planting, I appreciated that last part greatly.

Good luck with the trees, sir.
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Jim Boyd

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great plots deer aint gonna run out of food n they don't need toilet paper anyhow they are all set
I should have mentioned also - this clover is volunteer from 2018.

I drilled oats into it back in October and was delighted to see the field come to life over the winter.

The fields will not last much longer as we move into summer but the ag will start soon and we will let the peanuts, cotton and melon fields feed them up.

Soon as the ag comes in well, I will start my summer plots but gotta be careful not to get out in front of the ag. The fur covered lawnmowers will move in and wipe you out.

Then, in early October - the cycle starts all over again!

Great to watch them stage up a few yards back in the timber - and them move in to put the feed bag on!

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Jim Boyd

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Just curious, won't the trees you planted shade the food plot eventually?
Yessir, Treadwell - God willing they will.

That will take a while and in the meantime, I will just plant around the trees.

We almost have more tillable areas than we can keep up with and I believe that the loss of tillable to trees will more than be paid off in with fruit and mast, extra cover etc.

We have additional areas we can capture as tillable also. Requires some work but when I started I had about 4 acres to work with and now I have about 35 - so there is always room to grow your program.

Here is some great news also. My landowner was SO impressed with the tree investment he is going to go to his cash rent farmer and negotiate an ag field out of rotation and give it to me.

I will create an orchard in part of it and plot the remainder.

Field with arrow pointing to it.

The area in the NE corner, connected to the field - is already food plot....

PS the lake pushes up against the timber on the east side and makes a nifty funnel.