Rites, Rises, and Resets


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Knew this was gonna be a good un’ just by the thread name…As usual, you have painted a picture with words of your experience almost as vivid as those absolutely stunning “specks”.
Truly enjoy the stories and I for one need to at least attempt to emulate them at times!

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Thanks for the excellent post. I’m needing a trip back to that valley Steve. Thank you again for pictures and prose.


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Great story NCHB. The way you do it is similar to mine. I called it dry-cleaning a stream (no...not in a greedy sense, they all get thrown back in). Jump into a creek, and then hit every tiny ripple or hole. Dry fly of course.

It would take me maybe an hour to work up the stream 40-50 yards. Might get 200-300 hits in an afternoon, actually net only 20-30. Mostly the size of the ones in your pictures, but every now and then a 8" or 9" LUNKER would make his presence known. :ROFLMAO:

This type of fishing is not about catching, and certainly not about eating. It's about fooling those little fish with a stream gurgling around your ankles.

My father was raised around Tiger, Ga and he introduced me to some secret North Georgia streams he found growing up. (One involved walking along the Lake Burton shoreline for a mile or two. It was only accessible when the lake was drawn down.) I found many more on my own. Some required an hour of two hike just to reach.

Those days are over for me. I can't trust the old ticker to get me there and back. Your story brings back some of those memories, thanks.