RMR for Ruger MKII Target. Install complete photos added. Sight in results!!

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Since I bought the G40MOS, I need some red dot pistol practice.

So I am gonna outfit my old Ruger MK2 with a Sightmark Minishot, on an EGW plate, and see if I can get practiced up enough for shooting a pistol out to about 50 yds.

Will update as it all comes together...
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Got my Sightmark Minishot today, and got the rear sight knocked out of my MKII. I got lucky, and it tapped out pretty easily with a brass punch.

Now I am waiting on the EGW mounting plate..

Gonna be fun.
Post some pics when you get it mounted. I'm curious to see how it looks. I mounted a cheap red dot on my MkII a good many years ago, but I mounted a rail on the scope mounts then mounted the red dot on it. That was back before they became much smaller and lighter. It worked good for knocking out squirrels and popping cans. The Rugers are accurate enough to knock cans around at 50 yards using iron sights.
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The EGW mounting plate for my MKII showed up today.

The install was very straightforward, and clean. A piece of leather, and a few hard taps on the brass punch and done.

A couple of set screws that were probably not necessary, and screw the sight to the plate.



Went out to get it "sorta close" before supper, and in 10 minutes I hit a corn cob three outta five, kneeling at 25.

I'm gonna like this thing.
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Fired three more mags today, with a little better results...Covered the last group of 10 with a snuff can.

Figured that was about a 25% improvement over yesterday, and quit while the quitting was good...;)
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I did run into the unexpected issue of the sight shooting loose on the mount plate after about 100 rounds. As heavy as the pistol is, I would have bet against that happening.

Second time around, I hit the screws with a dab of the wife's clear nail polish.

Another hunnerd shots later, still tight, problem solved.
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What size dot do you have on it? I have a 3.25 moa on my Glock but wonder if a 1 moa might be better for squirrels and such.
What ammo are you using? Pretty nice groups from a pistol!

And don’t tease me, but there’s a cheap red dot from Pinty that I’ve got on one of my 22 pistols. Really fun shooting and a cheap option. I have two of them, great for the kids too.

Pinty Red Green Reflex Rifle Scope Dot Sight 4 Different Reticles https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EWAAWGU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_Xvw2Fb4AHEYKS
Don't tease me... I'm shooting up a case of Thunderbolts. Lol