Roadside deer...?

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I am not sure if anyone else has noticed, but I have seen more dead deer on the side of the road than I did even during the rut - and I am out less frequently.
Could this be a late breed, or people in the woods for turkeys?
I am being serious as a new hunter. Before this past season I had not even paid attention to these things..

Any insights are helpful.
I've noticed the same. It could be the rye growing on side of the road. Most of the ones I see hit are laying in lush green grass. Before the vegetation started greening up, there hasn't been much for them to eat.


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I seemed to see a few late feb early March traffic divers too. The 1 right here by my house on 92 had late rut written all over it IMHO. Could be coincidence but


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Around here rye and red clover along the roads sides is the greenest thing going right now.

Folks have stopped feeding corn so they are attracted to the above.


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Yep they are working on my plots , also I think they are overpopulated in most areas , I know in the 2 counties I hunt in we need more doe days
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OK, that all makes sense, but out of the 7 or so I've seen in a few days, 5 were from the mountains...
But thanks y'all
I've seen a few around here on the side of the road, as mentioned I believe it was because they were browsing the green grass , with all the rain and the warm temps we've had early this year, it caused a lot of early greenup.