Ruger American Rebarrel

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Can you Rebarrel a Ruger American for another caliber?
I was thinking to rebarrel a long action to 284 Win.
I think the Ruger American is the best of the American bolt-actions that can be purchased for less than $400, but if you are considering rebarreling, I wouldn't bother for anything less than a "standard" U.S. made bolt action rifle.

Ruger M77 or Hawkeye
Remington 700
Winchester Model 70, etc.

If you absolutely love your American, then go for it, but I don't think it will ever be worth what you would have invested in it.
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The reason is that I am wanting some of the odd ball cartridges like 284 Win, 35 Whelen, 6mm Rem, 257 Roberts. You know, the cool stuff.
I'm all about the cool stuff. I don't think a Ruger American would be the way to go if you want a cool rifle.

For 35 cal like a whelen or .358 win find a suitable donor and send it Jess to be rebored. $250 is a real deal.

6mm find an old remington 722, they are pretty affordable

.284 win, Rebarrel a 700 or 70

.257 roberts, rebarrel an interarms Mark X or similar commercial mauser.