Ruger wins bid for Marlin

Would love to see Marlin restored to Greatness...
I would also LOVE to see Marlin restored to Greatness again too as I have several great friends that worked at Marlin Firearms in their Connecticut Plant during their careers up until the "Remlin Group" screwed them all over and closed the plant. Then then moved it too far away in Illion, N.Y. so basically nobody could just up and relocate there. They basically ran Marlin into the ground because THEY DID NOT HAVE A CLUE about manufacturing great quality Marlin firearms.

Thankfully, I still have a very good friend that during the past, He was over all of Marlin's "LIMITED EDITION" PRODUCTION RUNS for various Companies etc over a span of 30 plus years. He and all of his friends lost their jobs at Marlin due to Remlin too. He and I still communicate at least 3 times per week. He and his wife both loved my late wife also.

Thankfully, I have a lot of Marlins that were MANUFACTURED DURING THE REALLY GOOD OLD DAYS and I love all of them as I have several models that are .22 caliber, 30-30 caliber, and also 444 caliber. (The oldest one is a Model 36, 30-30 caliber Lever-Action rifle that was actually manufactured in 1936). The good news is that ALL of them were manufactured by MARLIN Firearms WHILE THEY WERE LOCATED IN CONNECTICUT and before Remlin got involved and screwed things over.


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Maybe they will bring back H&R? Miss the Handi rifles. If they would bring back the barrel swap program, we would really have something.
The RemLin era Marlins were pathetic. The newer Marlins since they retooled are fine. I have a new 1894c in .357 that’s a good shooter, although the wood needed some attention.


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Oh for the memories. I love Marlins, I remember when they brought out the 444, that was a long time ago, I was still young then. I went to Stanley and Pusley Hardware and ask if they would order one. They ordered it and two boxes of cartridges. When it arrived I talked Daddy into going with me to look at it. He was quick to tell me it was to big to hunt squirrels and rabbits with. We didn't have deer here at the time. Well I did talk James into selling me one cartridge and I still have that cartridge today. It is over 50 yrs. old. I now own 2 - 444, 3 - 45/70, 2 - 44, 1 - 357, 1 - 32/20, 1 - 25/20, 2- 39. If Ruger goes through the deal and makes them with the quality of old I will buy another to just help them out.

I would like to see H & R make a come back, I like the old Topper Line and single shot rifles and shotguns they made. They were really good guns and served a good purpose. Have and economical gun for the average hunter. I killed several deer with my single shot 30-30 H & R. I wish I still had it. I will buy another one if I can find one in good condition


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Hopefully Ruger won't turn Marlin lever guns into $1000 rich man toys like Winchester did with the 94's.


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Hopefully Ruger won't turn Marlin lever guns into $1000 rich man toys like Winchester did with the 94's.
With Henrys and Winchesters both priced around a grand you can bet your boots the Ruger/Marlins will be in the same price range
I'm hoping that with Ruger's investment casting technology, they can bring back some Marlin classics at a price point that's not too out of line.